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Noise Cancellation in Recording Apps

I would like to see Panopto add noise cancellation and auto gain control options (high, medium, low, off) to all Panopto recording apps. These tools are standard in conferencing apps like MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc, and create a forgiving environment for bad mic placement, which is really helpful for content creation.

I suggest this as my team is tasked w/ training remote faculty to record high quality audio/screen capture lectures. If they record noisy/quiet audio, my team has to fix it in post, costing us time and money through time-intensive audio restoration. I'd rather fix it in pre than post via noise cancellation/auto gain options in Panopto's recording apps.

This came to light while I was recently on a MS Teams call w/ a remote faculty member and I was training her to use Panopto to record lectures. Her audio had significant room noise and her voice was quiet in Panopto, but through teams, the same mic input had clear voice and no background noise. The lightbulb went on for me as to how powerful that same feature set could be in Panopto.

Apple already has this built into their OS, and maybe Windows has something similar that Panopto could tap into.

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