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Excellent training video - can it be updated further


Panopto has a comprehensive howtovideo at

which is based on the Panopto building block features within Blackboard, is is quite comprehensive. It would be great if some minor adjustments could be made to it to make it reflect the newer Panopto LTI features look within Blackboard, as the building block is coming to end of life discontinued by Blackboard this year. If it could be updated then it would be an excellent video to link to for our university customers. We do have a lot of our own video guides but this comprehensive one looks quite good if it was covering panopto lti for blackboard as that is what we use now.


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    I dont have a contact for the panopto trainer, maybe the suggestion could be passed onto him, obviously soon enough a lot of the video guides will need updating to reflect Panopto lti instead of b2

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