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Beginner Tips & Gotchas (Rider on macOS)

Mark AgarMark Agar Tyro
in API


I'm looking to create a handful of console apps written in C# against the Panopto API & I would appreciate any tips & guidance. I'm a Mac user & it appears that Rider is a more capable IDE for this than Visual Studio Code for Mac? Anyone else using Rider on macOS? If so then any tips on setting up a suitable template?

Ok, moving on, I'm interested mainly in the SOAP APIs as they look to be more capable than the REST APIs when it comes down to folder manipulations?

Initially I'm looking to write a simple app that takes the 'folder ID' as an argument and returns the folder's name & it's external ID (not the LMS context ID) although the latter would be useful too so as to obtain the Canvas course id for the folder which will have been provisioned by our Canvas LTI integration.

Any pointers greatly appreciated & like I say I'm new to the Panopto API and C# API programming in general 🤯

Thanks in advance 👍️

Mark (Newcastle University, UK)

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