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Help - Merging videos

I need help with merging videos, fast. I'm on a deadline, and my university's super users are busy trying to get everything online for finals.

I uploaded videos to our hosted space, added quizzes to them, and I need to merge them all together -in a very specific order-. No matter what I do, no matter which video I click "settings" on and which video I target, my first intro video always ends up AFTER the video I want to play second.

I found youtube videos online that show an "Add Content" button on the Edit screen, which is nowhere to be found.

How does Panopto choose which video comes first and which comes second when you merge??? I've been trying for hours, all kinds of combinations.

Thank you for any help.

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  • You've saved my day!! Thank you so much!

  • xin chào mọi người, mình là thành viên mới

  • Hi again! So, the "add a clip" tool does work well, however, when I do that, the videos lose their captions and quizzes. I'm wondering if there's a way to merge videos together, in a specific order, while keeping the captions and quizzes intact? Thanks!

  • Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    Hi Amanda,

    You just need to make sure that your clips have the captions / quizzes within them. When your master session plays a clip, the rich elements from those clips will be played inside your master session!

  • @Jay Minster I came across this thread while looking for answers to a similar issue. I am adding clips to a new session, and my clips have quizzes in them. My quizzes are not carrying over into the new session, but I can still access them from the original session so I know they should be there. Any thoughts on what may be causing this?

  • Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    @Amanda Cole @Brandon Plaisance I want to apologize to you both. I was incorrect in my post from 3/31. It turns out the quizzes included in clips DO NOT play as I had originally thought.

    While we work to improve this behavior in the future we recommend keeping all quizzes within the primary session (not within clips).

    What I've been doing is 'untrimming' a short section at the very end of the video and adding my quiz to that section, so it can play after my clips conclude.

    I hope this helps.


  • @Jay Minster I personally like to use quizzes in the middle of the streams to gauge understanding before continuing to discuss the reasons behind the answer. For your work around, I believe I'd have to make several copies of the clip and cut/splice them together. I am doing this already to convert a 50 minute lectures into 75 minutes, but it is tedious at best. I hope quiz behavior in clips can carry over at some point in the future. Thank you for the clarification.

  • Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    @Brandon Plaisance In that case I would recommend this workflow as a workaround:

    1) Add all your clips to your session

    2) Apply changes in the editor

    3) Navigate to your Session's settings -> Outputs tab -> Download Podcast

    This will give you a single mp4 that includes all clips.

    4) Upload the mp4 back into Panopto as a new session with Create -> Upload Media.

    5) You can now add your quizzes to any spot on the timeline

    I know this is a bit clunky - but it has worked for me in the past when I need to combine a bunch of videos together and add quizzes to each.


  • @Jay Minster I had not downloaded the podcast before, but I do like that feature. Unfortunately, I use slides and a doc cam in my lectures, with the doc cam recording me working through the problems on the slides. In the podcast format, the doc cam is too small to read my work and renders that video feed useless. The online version allows the videos to be switched, but then I lose the quizzes.

  • Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    @Brandon Plaisance Depending on how much time you want to spend on it you could use the focus tool to switch between the doc cam and screen capture:

    That way the streams will switch automatically. I hope this helps.


  • I have 2 videos, each was edited, chopped some slots. When I merge the two videos, I found I have lost the edit I did. I need to re-edit each part in the merged videos. How to keep the edited features when merging two videos?

  • Are you sure you hit the Apply button in the editor on each of the 2 clips? If you do not hit the apply button in the editor, the edits do not take.

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