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Zoom App for Panopto

I see that Panopto has an app available in the Zoom Marketplace (marketplace.zoom.us). When the integration of Panopto with Zoom is performed do users still have the option to record to the Zoom cloud in addition to Panopto, or is there now only the option to record to the Panopto cloud (of course, I assume that local recording are still possible)? Thx. Phil

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    You need to have a Panopto account for this to work.

    The process as as above, that when you record in Zoom, it'll process it, it will then send it to Panopto to your personal folder for editing, and then you put it in a folder which the appropriate students can view it in.

    It doesn't auto-record into Panopto, unfortunately.

    If you turn on Transcripts on Zoom settings for all meetings (Admin setting) then it will generate these in Zoom and then attach them to the recording in Panopto. Not 100% accurate, but pretty good!



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    So, you do retain the ability to store recordings to the Zoom Cloud once Panopto is added. That's great. I've been told that the Kaltura Zoom app removes the store to Zoom Cloud option. You say that you transfer to Panopto. Can you record directly to Panopto and does it have a transcription feature? Thx! Phil

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