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Download PDF files

I've recently started playing with the download PPT slides feature and think that's really cool. Can I feature request the same download ability for PDF files? I think these two features could be major time savers for both faculty and students.

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See the solution below


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    Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Hi Kevin - I wanted to make sure you knew that you upload and download PDFs in Panopto. See below for more information. We plan to allow PDFs to be downloaded the same way as PPT slides. Thanks. -Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    I knew about the upload option, but was unaware of the download option until now. Thank you!!


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    The button Dave is refering to is not part of Panopto but a browser level feature of some browsers, this looks like they're using Chrome in this case, Firefox and Safari support this but in different ways, and if the user still opts for the old fashioned Adobe Reader approach then this is again different.

    The main point would be this only got added in the past few years so much older clients may not be able to do this.

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