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Record Video with mulitple people on different devices

Hi all!

I don't know if this is already possible for Panopto,

but for my work I record small video's for students and our clients. We use Microsoft Teams for this, because you can talk things through with each other and then share your PowerPoint and can start recording that.

Is it possible for Panopto to do the same?

Or can you only create a video with 1 user?

I look forward to your answer!

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    Yes, it is possible. We have done it. You can record multiple video sources at the same time for the same session.

    This is what we did:

    In a classroom, we login to Panopto recorder and start recording the session.

    Then, in an iPad, we open the Panopto App, then login with the same id you used in the classroom,

    then start recording, it gives you an option to Join a session being recorded right now

    Select the session you want to join and done!

    At the end of the iPad session, you must click done and upload the session to be joined with the other one.

    Go back to your classroom pc and end the "master" session.


    You will be able to edit the session later and chose what secondary video to show

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    Hi Carlos; is this only possible by using an iPad alongside another device? I can't seem to get this to work using just the desktop app, and if you need to use the same ID, it's not as convenient as the kind of webinar service Zoom (for example), provides - although a good workaround nonetheless! Would be good to have an integrated feature that allows multiple users to join a single session; I was asked by a head of school how to do this just last week, for an interview and presentation session, and I was surprised to find there was no option for it.

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    I can record in a classroom, using the teacher computer in front of the class. And, then add another video source, that could be an iPad, or a phone or even another laptop and all video sources will be recorded together in the session. However, I have to logon with the same id. However, maybe someone from Panopto can help determine if, for example, other professors in the course can join the session and also become video sources in the recordings.

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    Try this, I think this is what Carlos is saying:


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