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The Everything menu

edited April 2020 in Feature Requests

Thank you

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  • Many of our teachers get confused. They think that this means that everyone can watch their videos when they are under the everything menu.

  • There should be a setting in the Admin console to disable this for all users. There should also be a setting or a workflow to "Approve Public videos". This way someone needs to approve what videos should really made public, especially for educational institutions.

  • Many or our instructors also get confused and this became an issue when we starting teaching remotely due to COVID-19 and everyone at the college started using Panopto. We had several tickets on this issue and had to put up statements on what the areas mean for sharing folders and videos.

  • Another vote to "toggle" off the "Everything" tab for the left-side navigation links.

    I had one customer that got into a philosophical 3 email response back-and-forth over whether or not the contents of their folder (as provisioned by the Panopto-Blackboard building block ) was "secure" and not visible to "Everyone" who could login to Panpoto. I know it's intent is to make the hosted instances more "social" to see who is putting up new stuff to view, but everyone is treating it more like a private fileshare (ala Box.com) than a social sharing site even within the EDU hosted instance.

  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Hi guys - Great feedback. We will definitely consider this for a future release. Thanks. -Dave

  • The other option would be to use a different label. Instead of the "Everything" label, use something like "Viewable by me"

  • @DaveHannan,

    Thanks for consider this. I'd favor it, too. Just a swith on the admin side that lets an institution do one of the following:

    1) Toggle the Everything Folder off--make it invisible to users.

    2) Rename the Everything Folder, so it doesn't scare the daylights out of instructors because they believe everyone can see all their stuff.

    Please let those of us in this thread know when this feature goes live. Thanks! dann

  • Are there any updates on this request @Dave Hannan?

    We're newer to Panopto but running into this issue a lot! Huge point of confusion.

  • Beth FellendorfBeth Fellendorf Crackerjack

    There is another good (and similar) discussion of the Everything folder on another feature request, "Stop truncating long lists of sub-folders"

    Hoping this gets addressed soon.

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