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Panopto recorder clients to support virtual background



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    Is Panopto planning to get rid of the native Windows recording program? I am not sure this is a good strategy, the browser capture recording is very clumsy and not informative. Panopto should have a program that remains in the system tray while recording with indicators for volume and recording, etc. The capture recording is not very intuitive for most users, it always starts with the infinite loop video when the camera is on and it does not support the hot buttons (F8 and F10) to seamlessly start and stop a recording. I hope Panopto can get their act together in the recording area and have a single recorder that will provide all the capabilities users have come to expect from a screen capture recording program.

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    @Dave Hannan Can you please @Stacey Greathouse - C

    @Carlos Coronel , I think Panopto Capture is just one way of recording, and I don't think Panopto wants this to replace the Panopto app.

    I'm sure the Web recorder will be improved through time, though. I notice that with good lighting, browser choice, and good internet bandwidth, the web recorder is excellent. We recommend the web recorder for faculty who have a hard time with technology. We have found the web version intuitive. We have customized our instructions, but Panopto has great text and video guides (I especially like their tutorials that incorporate both text and video instructions).

    For the tech savvy faculty, I guide them directly to the Panopto app.

    During remote teaching, we did intensive trainings in March. Those faculty are on their own. We also noticed that a great percentage of our teachers were self starters and accessed our training resources, without asking for help.

    I think maybe Panopto could change the "stop button" icon. The only recommendation I have for the Panopto recorder is to add a "PAUSE" BUTTON". I've already seen great improvements in Panopto Capture since the Beta version, and now of courses with backgrounds. Backgrounds look great if you have good lighting, and now one can upload a background image.

    I would give it a bit more time for Panopto Capture to continue growing.

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    I support the request. We have Faculty members who are in need of this feature. Panopto client is the tool they prefer for their work as it has a wider spectrum of options in comparison with Panopto Capture (plus, an Internet is not very stable in some of the areas here). It would be great if this feature was on a roadmap.

    Mariya (ID-II, TAMUK)

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    Panopto webcast, record with blurred background query:

    Ok, I know that panopto capture in web browser recorder will support blurred background (for camera view) or a virtual background, thats excellent. But as this forum notes, there isnt an equivalent for the Panopto Recorder Application. I have a lecturer who wants to webcast his lecture and record it with a blurred or virtual background which I dont think is possible right now as its my belief that webcast only works with the panopto application, which of course doesnt have the blurred/virtual background feature. I dont see a way of webcast a panopto capture session or maybe i havent looked closely enough at it; with the panopto recorder application you would have set up your panopto waiting room sessionholder in advance and then once you launch your panopto application recorder, you choose your webcast placeholder session and begin to record and webcast. There maybe workarounds to this using other apps to webstream whoile recording with panopto webcast with blurred background but they seem awkward and confusing to students on where the recording is. Anyone got any ideas how to deal with this query or managed to find a way to do what the lecturer requires above?

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    This is a must-have nowadays!

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