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Copy Subfolders & their contents


I was asked the other day by an instructor to help copy and move some recordings from his spring course to summer course. He had numerous subfolders in his main course folder, and I was unable to copy the subfolders. I created subfolders in the new course and copied videos from one subfolder to the other.

I would like to put in a feature request that Creators and Admins can copy subfolders and their contents from one course to another course, or one parent folder to another. It would help save time and make things move a little more efficiently.

Thank You

Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

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    Related to your request; it would be useful to be able to establish a 'template' structure for when course folders are being automatically generated.

    Use case for this: Having a parent course folder, where students have Viewer access, but can Create through an Assignments folder. A sub folder e.g. 'Students' Video' where the students (being in the Viewer group) nevertheless have Creator access, and other students can view those videos (unlike in the Assignments folder). This allows the continued use of an Assignment folder within the parent course folder, which can be used privately by students for that purpose without completely removing their ability to 'create' within the course.

    We can set this up manually, but it's a daunting prospect to roll out across all courses.

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