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Department feature ideas

I think the idea of having departments is great and very useful for us admins who want to offload some of the management to department admins but as it is now the feature it kind of clunky to navigate:

  1. I took me over a day and having to attend a Panopto Admin training to finally realize how it is you can display your videos in a department. Create playlist, add videos and order of the playlist, go to the settings of the department and select the playlist. That is a lot of steps for one task and if you have a lot of playlists to manage this can easily become a nightmare even for an admin so I can image a low tech user. Below are some ideas to fix this:
    1. Simplify the whole content to department homepage. If new videos are added to the department folder then the video is going to get displayed. Anything added to the root folder gets featured, all subfolders are treated as sections in the homepage instead of the folders that show now (maybe just add a link back to the folder in the section title). Also a quick one click option for the department admin to decide to show or hide a video on the homepage.
    2. Give dynamic playlist options. Like in my company we have certain types of videos that repeat (ex. Company All Hands, Spotlights), it would be nice to have playlists updated automatically based on certain criteria (i.e. name, folder). This would keep the playlists fresh, content fresh without all the clicks.

  • User homepages have the latest videos and featured sections that's updated globally by the admins, how come this featured section doesn't exist in department homepages? Department pages could easily replace personal homepages especially when those department pages are iFramed into a Confluence or Wiki space, it would be nice to allow users to live in their department homepages and get all the latest and featured videos just as if they were on their own personal homepage.
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      Is there any traction on this? It's hard trying to explain to users how to update playlists as they join Panopto...I can see their confusion trying to understand why they must update the same video in two different places. Playlists need to be automated otherwise they will not get much use especially as they get larger.

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      I agree that the feature needs to be refined a bit. I think that dynamic playlists are a great add, and having the ability to "kick" a video from the home page would be a must with dynamic playlists.

      I would also love to have the ability to set a slug for these departments.

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      Love the idea for enhancements and refinements for the department feature. I'm not sure that entirely "removing" the playlists would be of benefit, because there are cases where you wouldn't necessarily want every video to show. And there are cases (though we are trying to consolidate), where some folks don't want the video to live within the department folder.

      However I do agree that having to manage "creating" a playlist and then adding the video to playlists manually, is it a bit cumbersome!

      Also love the ability to have dynamic playlists. This would be a great addition. i.e. new videos by this user, new videos with these keywords in title/description, new videos from this folder, etc.

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      So the ask is to give the ability to turn any folder into a playlist, so if that can be done having an on/off option for a folder to become a playlist, any video you won't want in that playlist could easily be omitted. Either one case could be Say I have a Collaboration folder, I get a switch that easily converts it to a playlist, if there's a video inside there I don't want displayed in the playlist, either give me the option to opt out any videos I want in the folder or I can simply remove that video and put it in a different folder.

      Having folders and playlist separate just doesn't seem like the ideal experience. We launched Panopto to our whole company this Monday past and I had a 1:1 with one of our users from our communications team on Tuesday and one of her questions to me was "What's he difference between a folder and playlist, they seem like they do the same thing?"...that's exactly the problem, except for the way they display when embedded somewhere, they are essentially already the same thing except managing them are a headache.

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