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Screen being recorded indicator


Can we have a visual indicator that shows what screen is being captured when recording sessions? I know you can preview but when the preview window is not in the forefront, it's hard to tell what's actually being recorded without a visual border to indicate so. It also is easy to forget I'm in the middle of recording my screen and mistakenly move a window without a visual indicator. I'm attaching a sharing session from Zoom as an example of what I mean. Notice the green border around the screen being shared, same happens with any screen capture tools I've used, they usually have a red border around the screen being recorded.

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    YEs, This will be an useful feature.

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    This is a great idea! Other items that would be great to have as well: (@Johny Jacques let me know if you want me to put this on a different post, etc.)

    • If the border color is not recorded
    • If this feature could exist on both Panopto recorder and Panopto Capture
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    This would be a helpful feature. Most other screen recorders have it.

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    We have had feedback from staff that they find it difficult to know if the app is recording once it is minimised. This is also an issue with Panopto Capture. Also, it would be useful if the indictor is not captured in the recording itself.

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    This would be a huge improvement! New users especially, would appreciate a red frame or other indicator telling them that a recording is taking place. I've seen other tools with this functionality. Thanks

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