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Add Recorder button to segment longer lecture captures into multiple shorter videos.

We would like to be able to break lectures up into multiple recordings, without using the editor after the fact. Short, topical videos are often more watchable than hour long lectures.

This feature request would add a button to the Desktop Recorder Apps that would, in effect, stop the current recording and immediately start a new recording; with the same title + an incremented segment number. At the end of all recordings, Panopto would automatically build a playlist that includes all related recordings. The lecture could be linked as a whole playlist or by individual segments.

Individual segments could be re-titled at the end of the recording process (after the stop button in pressed).

The button would be enabled/disabled in the App Prefs/Settings.

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Keep in mind that Panopto Capture has a "Record New" button that can be used to immediately record a new video.


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    I really like this! It would save space too since right now if I want to break up a large file into multiple segments I have to make multiple copies of the large file and edit each copy down to the desired segment. This process is also super time consuming for the user.

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