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Translations from non English language

I am writing to explain my needs with the Panopto program. I really like its versatility in adding different fonts, subtitles and quizzes and I've really started trying it out. This June I am going to start a course with international students that will last three years. Since we do it in Spanish and we translate everything into English and Russian, I must prepare materials in Spanish and translate them into Russian and English. I was already preparing content with Panopto but I see that to give the material to the English and the Russians it is very difficult to add a translation. You cannot change the audio to add that of my translators nor can you capture the subtitles in Spanish and then translate them quickly. This really is a great inconvenience and a great waste of time and I am considering leaving Panopto and looking for a better alternative.

Is there any possibility of having a better option to translate Panopto content from Spanish?

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