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Split primary audio and video / Edit out Primary Stream but keep audio and secondary

Kevin HartmanKevin Hartman Whiz Kid
edited August 2023 in Feature Requests

Hi Panopto!

I'd like to add a feature request regarding the editor, this is something I mentioned in the old Spotlight forum but don't see here at the moment.

Currently in the editor, our primary audio and video sources are married together, and secondary source is a separate stream. Also in the current operation, we can edit out parts of our secondary stream, leaving only the primary audio and video in our recording, and bringing back the secondary system when needed.

I'd like there to be a way to edit out the primary video but keep the audio, similar to what I've mentioned above, so that we can have the primary video feed edited out and keep our secondary feed and audio up for a portion of the video, and then bring back the primary video stream as needed.

I understand the idea of using a second primary stream with my video and audio and using the focus tool to edit between them, however this can be a time consuming process. Having this ability within the editor would save people a lot of time down the road, and would be quite the feature for Panopto to hang their hat on as well.

Thank You

Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

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    Sweet Jesus yes.

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    @Charles Barbour that is the best response I've ever heard!!

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    edited July 2020

    When ZOOM recording with NO primary video, Panopto displays the 'no video placeholder" and there's no way to hide it. The fix is to download the podcast audio, reupload as primary video/audio, then use the focus tool to hide the original "no video" stream.

    We need something better, please.

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    "The fix is to download the podcast audio, reupload as primary video/audio, then use the hide tool to hide the original "no video" stream."

    What do you mean by "use the hide tool"?

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    I'm thinking the focus tool. I've done this a few times if people want to make a 2 screen recording a single screen recording, and it does work, but with the downloading, uploading, and re-processing, it's not very time effective. Just one of those things. But it is effective in that it gets the job done.

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    Related as this is coming up a few times on our UK user group - the ability to edit together sessions that have primary audio only with those that have both A & V (and vice versa)..

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    Any updates on this? I thought I heard at one of the recent webinars this was coming soon.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Kevin Hartman I checked, and this is still actively on our roadmap. However, I do not have an updated ETA at this time.

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    Good morning,

    I would be interesting to be able to separate the primary audio from the primary video. This way if there is any error on the primary video, the video bit with the error could be replaced but keeping the audio has is.

    The work around for this is download the podcast mp3, then uploaded to your video has a primary source, then you need to download the mp4 and then upload it has secondary source.... should be a click of a button.

    Another request would be to add images had primary or secondary sources, and to be able to say show this image for x amount of seconds. This way for example a slide captures has video could be hidden by an image, and the editor could say for how long, instead of using a third party software as a work around like create a ppt file, save it has mp4 say the time you need then add it to panopto etc... and if we do this we still loose the audio that is attached to the primary video.

    Thank you

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    Cannot tell you how many times I've asked for this. I think it's on the roadmap or was at one time. Would be a killer feature.

    Panopto, any updates?

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    Yep. This was on the roadmap a year or two ago.

    Sometimes people just don't want their video because it doesn't add value, but they want to keep their screen recording and its audio.

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    I remember at a user conference Eric and Tim said this would be coming soon. I think that was back in 2019 or 2020?

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    Yes. Not too many but we have a few user requests every year where they see themselves captured on an installed camera then say they'd rather have just capture the audio. The current work around I have for this is to download an audio podcast only then upload as content before deleting the primary, which seems a little backwards if we could just turn off the primary video...

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