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Disable Play Bar's "Scrub" capability - a checkbox option on a video-by-video basis

Fellow Panopto Forum Members:

It has been suggested that I put this enhancement request up for a vote, to see if there is sufficient interest by others using this incredible tool.


I have an LMS with several "training" courses that require the participant to watch video content all the way through from start to finish (by internal or regulatory mandate). Many of our participants have little or no academic integrity, and will often use the Play Bar’s “Scrub” capability to just do a quick wipe through and call it "done". The LMS has a timer that must expire before the video module is marked "complete", and the Scrubber participants will call to complain that they "finished the module, but it won't mark complete". We know why, we tell them why, but they will argue with us, and it seems to be a never ending battle.

Solution / Enhancement Request:

Create a check box in Settings that enables code that masks / hides / disables the Play Bar's Scrub function. The Play button is still there, the Rewind button is still there, the Volume button is still there, but the Scrub Bar and the Speed Button are gone, disabled, unseen or not usable.

This will help us to enforce the requirement to view ALL the video content for all participants.

The check box is an option that can be applied, or not, on a video by video basis. It only needs to be checked for those videos where Scrub Bar Disabled is required / desired.

Can I get a YES vote from enough of you? Or have you worked out other solutions for a similar problem?

6 votes

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    I recently inquired about this issue. Our organization could use this feature as well. I vote yes!

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    Great idea. Most compliance trainings have this feature.

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    really great feature! we are hoping you can implement this soon! our institution has been developing new online courseware and this feature is greatly requested thank you!

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @steve do I saw your message today, and we do actually have this feature now. For any video, you can go to Settings - Manage, and then turn seek and speed change off. I'm going to mark this feature as complete as well!

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    steve dosteve do Tyro
    edited August 2021

    thank you @Kathryn !! we thought that setting was only available to apply sitewide and when i tried it on a specific video that i created, it did not seem to remove the play bars. i just deleted that video and started a brand new project and modified that setting right away and this time it worked! i wonder if it did not work before for me because i had already watched that video once and taken the quizzes and even clearing the quiz data was not enough to wipe my personal user session maybe? this is now working great thanks a bunch!! 😊😊

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @steve do Glad it is working for you now! If you turn on the per-video setting in the future and notice that you can still seek through the video, please let Support know - we would want to explore why that is happening.

    However, we do have another setting that is sitewide that you may have enabled instead called "Features - Viewer - Seek and VSP enable based on Completion Percentage" -- This allows seek and variable speed playback after a set percentage of videos has been watched. If you enabled this instead, then it makes sense that you could seek through a video you already completed (even if you cleared the quiz results.)

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    will definitely let you know if we run into any bugs @Kathryn ! i am now thinking that the reason i could not see the play bars disabled is that i could not clear out my user data for the video to reset me to a first time user. i actually clicked on this option at the bottom of the settings->manage for delete session data and instead of clearing out my session that i was thinking, it deleted my entire video project! hehe turned out to be a really good mistake! oh nice i will ask the panopto team here about that setting and it does sound like it is enabled sitewide for us. awesome tips kathryn thank you!!

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