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webcast specifications

Hi all,

due to the coronavirus and the upcoming hybrid classrooms i'm creating an impact analysis. what will happen when 120 classrooms use the webcast functionality at the same time. for now i would like to know the following information:

network bandwith usage on a single webcast on 1920x1080p30 2500kbps using an Camera, mic & PC audio and 2 secondary sources.

What upload maganism is used during this webcast?

when i monitor my network usage on the panopto recorder during a webcast it looks like it only uses around 3.5Mbit every 10 seconds? doesn't seems right by me.

thanks in advanced


  • Hi Ramon,

    I spoke with a member of our Support team, and they suggested that this article may be a helpful resource: How to Choose the Best Quality Settings for Your Webcast.

    If you still have questions, let me know.

    Best wishes,


  • Caitlin,

    thanks for the reply.

    Max quality specs on the webpage:

    Ultra Quality: Audio Only - 128 kbps, Video and Audio - 2760 kbps, Video, Audio, and Secondary Video (1920x1080, 19 FPS, 1500 kbps) - 4664 kbps

    When i open Panopto i can use 1920x1080p30 2500kbps what is different than max specs on the webpage.

    what i'm looking for is find the webcast specs for 1 room and exploid it to 120 classrooms. What would be the load on the corporate switches, how does the upload maganism work, what could be a bottleneck if all 120 classrooms are webcasting? stuff like that.

  • My rule of thumb for purposes of worst case scenario estimation is to take whatever number you have and double it.

    In this case take the maximum video bitrate of 2500 kbps, double it because you have two sources, then add 128 kbps for audio. So somewhere around 5,128 kbps for 2 video sources plus audio. Then just double that number for a worst case number.

    5,128 likely

    10,256 kbps worst case.

    So roughly 10 Mbps/machine.

    Multiply that times 120 rooms and you probably have a worst case max upload of 1.2 Gbps but in reality it will probably be 1/2 of that. And in reality, will you actually have all 120 rooms streaming at the same time? At Notre Dame, I would bet at most we see something like a max of 75% of them actually in use (in part due to smaller rooms needing to be shut down to maintain social distancing).

    So at 75% room utilization, I would expect to see a max sustained upload speed of somewhere around 461.52 Mbps (in reality it will probably be lower), but I would also ask my networking group if they could accommodate a worst case of double that (923.04 Mbps).

    My concern would not be my networking equipment but rather commodity internet, Panopto's ability to ingest all the feeds if hundreds of schools start doing something similar, etc.

    That's the way I would think about the loads anyway.

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