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How to switch camera view

edited May 2020 in General Q&A

I know how to switch cameras from the usual video viewer. However, I got sent this recording which is in this sort of fullscreen viewer, and the actual camera I'm interested in watching is the one in the bottom right corner. How do I focus on that view? In its current size, it is totally useless, as I can't read anything that's on the board. There seems to be no clear button to change cameras. Thanks.

PS I've tried clicking on the arrow on the bottom of the screen, it just brings up a "table of contents" which consists in various timeframes of every camera except the one I'm interested in.


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Hi Lorenzo!

    This screenshot is showing the "podcast" version of the video player. This is a flat MP4 version of the video that plays when the video is embedded in a webpage, downloaded, or viewed on mobile. When viewing in these 3 ways, you are not able to change the camera view while you are watching.

    If you are viewing on mobile, I would recommend viewing this particular video on a full computer monitor to see the speaker a little bigger. Or be able to make the speaker full screen.

    If you have Creator access to the video or can ask the video creator, they could also change the podcast format, so the speaker is the camera that you see when watching the video. You would need to access the video's settings, go to outputs, and change the podcast format to "primary video only". This will make the camera that is small now take up the full screen when viewing the download, on mobile, or in an embedded player. But keep in mind, making this change, would change the view for everyone who watches in one of those 3 ways and make the other camera view not visible.

    Instructions for changing podcast format: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/advanced-podcast-features-0

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    Great answer Kathryn!

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