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Panopto Capture in LMS External Tool

It would be great to see Panopto Capture be employed in a way to simplify the student submission experience. I would love it if the context is an assignment and the role is a student the recorded content would just go to an assignment folder generated for that assignment.

You could even take it one step further and use the assignment settings in the LMS (Due Date) to configure the folder in Panopto. When the assignment closes, the folder closes, and all of the submissions are contained in the assignment folder without question.

This would probably have to be implemented as a standalone external tool for submitting assignments (similar to how quizzing was previously), but it would be a great addition to the platform.

Right now if an instructor wants students to record a video, some will upload to YouTube, some record right in Canvas, some upload a video to Canvas as a file, some upload/record to Kaltura, some upload/record to Panopto, and some just give up because none of the above are really ideal for student submissions. Then for the instructor, they have to hunt to figure out who uploaded where and for all of the above there isn't really a way to determine without a doubt that none of the submissions were edited after the assignment was closed.

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    Yes, please!!! I was just trying to figure out how to have students use Panopto Capture to submit videos for assignments, so much better than having to download the app. I was disappointed that the video automatically lands in their "My Folder" so they have to be told how to move it to the assignment folder. Panopto knows where they're coming from so should be able to map the folder.

    Also, the written instructions that populate are less than stellar.

    I'll continue giving faculty the option to simply create a Box folder and have the students record in whatever way works for them and upload the finished product to Box.

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    I suggested an instructor who create an assignment folder it could automatically create a shareable link which could be distributed to students. When the students click that link, it could automatically launch capture and drop the recordings in the pre-defined assignment folder.

    Maybe one day...

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    It is my understanding that the Moodle integration just places the video in the student My Folder which would be a non-starter here. It needs to go to a folder that the instructor has access to control/close. If the student is given the ability to continue editing beyond the due date by design, that is not something I am interested in implementing.

    Something like the Turnitin LTI would be perfect. The instructor selects the tool as the submission type, the assignment folder is created along with the assignment in the LMS, students record and submit using the tool, the tool handles all of the escrow between locations. No one gets lost, no one submits incorrectly, no more copying/pasting folder IDs, no more back and forth between Panopto and Canvas. Just one process that we can clearly document and that will work without an hour consult with faculty when setting it up.

    @Charles Barbour - you can do something like that now, if you launch Panopto Capture from a folder, the folder ID will be appended to the URL so you can share that URL with others. As long as they can create there, it will work. We've used this workflow for a few projects. As long as the student doesn't need to submit in the LMS as well, it works great!

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    @Michael Espey The way it has been described to us is that the Moodle integration creates a folder in Panopto and the assignment submissions are created as a subfolder which only the instructors can access. Students lose the ability to edit after submission. If it does not do that, then I agree it's not worth our time.

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    I love the new Panopto Capture tool student video assignments and for Canvas discussions with video. We are now recommending students to use the web tool instead of the computer app.

    We enabled the site-wide feature to provision "Assignment" folders for all courses. More pros than cons for this.

    Pros: folder is generated automatically; no actions required by faculty; great for course copies of master courses; works great when using SpeedGrader; ability to "close" assignment folder and manually create new ones; ability to create multiple assignment folders, manually; ability to change folder "settings" with option to share viewing with class; ability to rename folders.

    Cons: unnecessary creation of folders adding; until students get used to "choosing" the assignment for the course, we've had students submitting to the wrong assignment folder for the course.

    From the Panopto Capture it's easy to "select" the course folder for the course. Not as intuitive in the computer app.

    Since we rolled out Panopto Capture for video assignments, and provided our customized instructions, we have not received student requests for help. We've also seen an increase in student video recordings.

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    @Michael Espey , the problem with the existing workflow is students need to actually go to the folder first. If they fail to do that, their recording has to be directed there manually or moved from where-ever it was saved.

    If faculty could create a sharable link which was configured to automatically launch capture and save the recording using a predetermined naming convention, they could share that link via any number of methods. Even if faculty don't use the LMS it could be a really useful tool.

    It would be nice of course if they could also use it in something like the assignments tool but that's just gravy.

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    The beauty of a technology like Panopto is that it provides "options". Creating a best practice for students is helpful. I find that developing Q/A case scenarios with step-by step instructions is very helpful in creating and reinforcing consistency. It's really about developing a culture. Not easy.

    I developed guides for using "assignment folders" (use highlighting, color... anything to point to the "assignment folder" for the course). If students come to me because they can't find their videos submission, I provide them two guides - one for accessing their Panopto videos, and a second one for moving videos. This works.

    Not following instructions is the number one problem for video submissions. I used to do the work for them (find the video and move it for them). No more! The guides empower students to correct their mistake. 99% of the time, the fix is in the guide.

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