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Add "Hide" to left margin navigation

In the panopto web player, add an "Hide" option so we can hide the entire left navigation.

  • This will automatically maximizes the secondary source screen
  • If there is table of content, it will minimized to the side of the browser window.
  • The "Hide" option will be replaced by a "Show" text
  • This way an user can click "show" to use the TOC, captions, comments, notes, bookmark or search bar only when it is needed.

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  • If you are distributing a link to your content, you could simply deliver via the "embed" version of the player.

    To do this you would replace Viewer.aspx with Embed.aspx in the URL:

    • Default: https://[site].hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=[delivery id]
    • Embed: https://[site].hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Embed.aspx?id=[delivery id]

    From there you can configure how you would like the podcast feed delivered (side by side, secondary only, etc.) to change how your viewers are shown the content.

    Having this be configurable in the UI would be nice, but the above may work for you in the short term.


  • That worst part about that suggestion is that the podcast settings are site wide. They can't be changed at the folder level.

  • @Charles Barbour The podcast settings are available by session assuming that podcasts are available in the folder: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/advanced-podcast-features-0


  • Right, but I can't have the site wide setting of 1080p PiP, but then change a folder's settings to be 1080p Secondary Video Only. That way all future uploads to a folder could have the correct podcast encoding settings.

    Nor can I set the desired podcast settings when scheduling a recurring recording on a remote recorder. I have to go in and Change. Every. Single. Recording.

    That stinks.

    I don't recall if I was able to go in and change the desired output before a scheduled recording took place or if I had to:

    1 - wait for a scheduled recording to finish recording

    2 - let Panopto encode the podcast in the format I didn't want

    3 - change the podcast type to what I did want

    4 - re-encode the podcast.

    There also isn't a way to reverse the two PiP streams! Why isn't there a way to have the primary video be the larger window and have the content (or secondary video) be the smaller window?

    These features all seem like fairly basic functionality and their absence confuses me.

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