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Live Stream Discussion Question

Kevin HartmanKevin Hartman Whiz Kid
edited May 2020 in General Q&A

Hello Everyone,

I was doing a Panopto training today for some staff, and when it came to the Discussion posts in a video, I was asked this question:

Is there a way for only the instructor to privately view the discussion questions during a live webcast, and not have other students see the post? 

I'm not aware if this is an option, if so could someone kindly send me the link to the help doc so I could send it to my staff from today? If this isn't an option, could it be feature requested?

Thank You

Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo


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    There is an option to be notified of posts in the discussion when using the Panopto Recorder: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Live-Webcast#hTargetInstance1

    It will be delayed by 10-20 seconds in my testing, but it does work well for large lectures where live interaction isn't as important. When the instructor wants to be able to pull in others, or ask/answer questions verbally, Zoom Webinars have been great.

    Webcasting is hard to do well on a single display IMHO, the notification helps so you don't need to have the recorder up all the time, but it works great as a confidence monitor if you have multiple displays to work with.

    If you are using an appliance (RTMP) or a remote recorder for this then there is no notification.

    My only major pain point with Panopto Webcasts is that when they are embedded, the primary stream is only shown. This is fine if it is a instructor in front of a board, but when they pull in a screen capture or a doc cam it falls apart (when embedded, specifically when using an LTI to embed). Minor pain points are that if you have multiple secondary sources active, there isn't a way to switch between them (as the creator) live outside of turning the ones you don't want actively showing off and that you cannot change the names of the streams in the recorder (name main screen something, then name the doc cam what it is showing).

    I have done some testing with live switching using Wirecast with multiple documents running (one for primary, one for secondary), but I would never suggest that to an instructor. It would be amazing to have that level of control within the Panopto Recorder, but I am not sure how much it would be used.


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    Kevin HartmanKevin Hartman Whiz Kid
    edited May 2020

    Hi Michael,

    I was aware of the way to notify instructors during the live webcast of a discussion post, but what the person was asking was is there a way for the discussions posts of questions during a live webcast to only be privately viewable by the instructor? I think I didn't correctly say that in my original post (that happens when I'm doing things late at night when I should be asleep...) and have edited my post accordingly.

    So far, it seem like the answer is no, that all discussion posts are publicly viewable. She was looking to use a Panopto live webcast and potentially have the discussion questions able to be sent privately to the instructor, like in Zoom.

    I work in a control room in the back of a classroom where we live stream the classes via Panopto because they are larger classes. The live stream and chat works great as you mention. Not many students use the chat, and the ones that do don't seem to know there's a delay on it, or it doesn't bother them if they do.

    Feature request perhaps??


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