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Option to export/import quiz questions and answer options

We need an option to export a quiz questions and answer options to a csv or text file. Sometimes we have recreate a quiz in another video (after we update videos due to a new version of Office for example). It would be really nice to be able to export a quiz questions and answers so we can import it in another video. Even, having the option to download the text of the questions and answers will be good to have, so we can do copy and paste and don't have to completely recreate all from scratch.


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    GOD YES!!!

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    DITTO!!!!! Please please create this option!

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    I should create a few more forum accounts so I can vote this way, way up!

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    Some faculty are creating a lot of short asynchronous videos and want to add quizzes. Year to year or even semester to semester they want to rerecord and copy the current quiz to a new video.

    Currently the solution is to add a new stream and delete the old but for a lot of instructors who are creating 6-8 videos a week, that's just not feasible. The ability to copy a quiz or set of quizzes in a video to another would address this.

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