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embed webpage into a video - NOT using Iframes?

So, faculty are getting errors when trying to embed webpages into recordings. e.g. https://omim.org/

from reading https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Embed-a-Web-Page-Using-the-Basic-Editor it seems that this webpage is not allowing itself to be displayed in iframes. This seems to be increasingly the case with more and more sites, given security issues?

Are you working on a different way to link to external websites? even if the page itself is not displayed, if the students could see a link in the player somewhere and click on it to open in another tab, that would be great.

and yes, we are using the workaround, it is appreciated but not elegant nor professional.


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    Could you please share the workaround? I wasn't aware there was one for iframes.

    Thank You

    Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

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    Oh - their workaround is in the support article link I shared. It's just putting your link in the table of contents.

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    Links in the Table of Contents of the session work for some of our needs, but there are some cases where it is far from ideal.

    Call to action buttons on top of a stream would be a welcome addition to the platform. Even if it was just a card that took up the secondary window, that would be great.

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