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Improvement for Panopto Caption edit option

Apart from the speech captions, Panapto also allows me to insert my own captions at certain times in the video.

In a video that I made this week, I noticed a typo in my lecture. So, I just inserted a caption that says something like, “Oops! That should be written like this…”.

But since Panapto does not allow me to remove this caption, I found a solution: I just inserted another caption that says, “  .  ”.

This is not perfect, because now a tiny dot remains at the bottom of the screen for the remainder of the video. But it is better, since that dot is easily over-looked.

Here is my suggestion for improving the Panapto Caption edit option:

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We are planning to add a caption end time that can be adjusted per caption in the editor.


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    Did you try just using a space instead of a period?

    In many captioning platforms the captions have a start and end time so you know when they appear on the screen. Something similar would be great in Panopto.

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    Does the viewer see this caption even if their closed captioning is off? When I tried adding a caption to fix a typo in the same way, it didn't show up by default when I viewed the video.

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    I think this would be a great addition - would love to see this. Or just "Start time" "end time".. and by default the behaviour can always be to "snap" to the next caption... or setting the value to "blank" or something could mean that it doesn't expire until the next caption comes on. Or even better yet - if we can further enhance the auto captions to set them to disappear based on when the speaker ends their sentence!

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    Using a space doesn't work. Neither does downloading it, applying a fix in the caption file and uploading it again (Panopto overrides the change).

    We requested the ability to specify a caption end position about six months ago. It was first treated as a 'feature request' but I believe it's now considered a bug (TFS 47413). Last time I checked our support cases, we were told it is due to be fixed in an upcoming release. It was hoped that this would be in June but it hasn't materialised yet.

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