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Discoloration when embedding into Canvas

edited June 2020 in Canvas


I have been using Panopto extensively in my courses, but recently, I just noticed that my embedded videos into Canvas are not appearing correctly. For whatever reason, they have an odd discoloration when inside Canvas pages. However, when my videos are viewed in the external Panopto player, they look fine/perfect.

I have tried viewing them across browsers and devices, but the same issue is still. Furthermore, I also recorded a video on an old laptop, and the same issue occurred once again: when the video was embedded into Canvas, there was a discoloration, but fine in the external player. Furthermore, when viewed on my mobile device (Apple iPhone), the discoloration and disorientation is also there.

EDITED TO ADD: It must be something to do with the embed code and not Canvas -- or so I think. I embedded these videos files that are showing up all strangely into my personal website, and they continued to look discolored and disoriented. Strange!

Do you know any reason why this would be happening? This seems to be a recent issue, as older videos I recorded -- and still view -- work fine. I've attached two screenshots to show this disparity. My campus administrator just opened up a ticket, but thought I would personally try posting this here to see if anyone else has encountered this problem and been able to resolve it.

Thank you very much!


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    Wow. That's odd. What device/platform are you using to record these? Mac or PC? Have you tried the Panopto Capture app yet? (It's a Web Based recorder and is in beta so it might not be available for you yet.)

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    Thanks, Charles. It is indeed quite odd! I am using a Mac. But, what's strange, is that I've been using the same (new) computer for the last few months and all my other videos are fine. And, I tried recording on an older Mac (that I previously used with no issue) and the same problem occurred -- so the fact that it happened across devices made it even more strange.

    I have not used the web-based recorder yet, although I know it's an option. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    Was this a video that was uploaded, or was it captured with the recorder? We had an issue with a department that uploaded some .mpegs directly out of their camera that wrapped h.264 video in a .mpeg container. For whatever reason, when they were uploaded to Panopto, they went crazy.

    I believe Panopto fixed this, but after re-encoding the videos as MP4 or by simply changing the extension to be MP4, it solved it for us.

    Hopefully this helps!


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    Thanks, Michael -- I appreciate the help! It was captured with the recorder, per normal. (I video I recently uploaded seems to work fine.) It was just a screen recording with my audio on top.

    So, I just recorded a video this morning, and now it seems to work...mostly. The video does not have that odd discoloration, except for a very brief second at the beginning. (This is not seen in the external viewer when played there.) I've attached another screenshot.

    Regardless of this current test, I previously recorded a whole bunch of lectures for a class starting next week that still appear all messed up when embedded. Any suggestions for how to fix those videos? Again, they look perfectly fine when viewed in the external player, but when embedded, they are all disoriented.

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    This seems like an oddly specific processing bug. I suspect Panopto will need to identify the process and then reprocess the videos for you.

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    That seems to make sense that it would be a processing error. Hopefully Panopto will be able to do so and see if they reprocess these videos. I hope so!

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    I am just following up -- does anyone know how I can contact Panopto to perhaps re-process my videos for me? (Thanks @Charles Barbour for the suggestion.)

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    I think your Campus Administrator will have to request that. Of course they will first have to identify the source of the issue.

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    The admins at your institution can reprocess the videos, but I would imagine that this is going to need to go to support to be evaluated.

    Your institution will have individuals that are the points of contact for Panopto, they will be able to open a ticket for this problem.

    Panopto also keeps an eye on this forum, so someone is likely able to reach out to your admins if you don't know who they would be.

    From what you describe, it is only present in the podcast encode, so that is likely a good sign. I would also be curious on the cause and solution, in case the problem comes up for my users.


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