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Slide options

Although Panopto supports uploading slides to videos it doesn't appear to work with anything other than PowerPoint files, even though the macOS client supports Keynote.

Obviously the solution here is to convert in Keynote to PowerPoint, but in design many people don't use PowerPoint or Keynote and instead opt for PDF.

There is the option to allow a viewable PDF but not to select which page is displayed at which time, this would be useful for more than just slides but also showing text book pages that are being referenced.

If this isn't already possible (i'm new to Panopto), it would be worth while considering adding support for more Slide options including...


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    There is a feature request for this. I requested this several weeks back.

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    I searched for PDF + slides on the forum but couldn't see it before posting, thanks for letting me know.

    Do you have a link to the post as this forum software seems very basic and doesn't show a users posts in their profile.

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