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Panopto record mode - powerpoint question

When I am in record mode to voiceover my slides, I need to set powerpoint to play (slideshow mode), which in turn makes it full screen, which then hides the Panopto controls. How can I see what the end viewer would see -eg my presentation with my video insert in the corner, whilst recording the audio? (photo of it working in slide view mode, but not in slideshow mode)


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    I found i had to first launch powerpoint into slideshow mode then select alt+tab to get back to panopto in the browser. Now when you select share screen you should see you slide show as an option. Next i choose to pop out my video (i think this only works in chrome) I then hit record and click back on my slideshow. I hope that helps :)

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    or is your case being on a mac it would be cmd+tab

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Daryl has this right! It is a little tricky right now to record a full screen slideshow presentation. Here is a step-by-step:

    1. Open Capture in your browser
    2. Then, open your Powerpoint and place into slideshow mode.
    3. Then select alt+tab (or cmd+tab) to go back to Capture in your browser
    4. In Capture, choose to record an application (not the full screen) and choose your Powerpoint slideshow.
    5. Capture will take you to the slideshow as soon as you select it, but you haven't started record yet. So alt+tab (or cmd+tab) back to Capture once more.
    6. On your video preview, choose to pop out the camera. This will leave a preview of the camera up on screen as you are recording, but will not record it into the video if you have chosen to just record PP as an application. (It will record the preview if you have chosen to record the whole screen)
    7. Click record
    8. Then select alt+tab (or cmd+tab) to go back to the PP and start presenting.
    9. End the slideshow and go back to your browser to stop the recording. (or alt+tab one more time).
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    Thanks Daryl, I tried that and can now see the real presentation not the preview. Kathryn, those steps are really clear, I couldn't find that in the help documents.

    The tab options given in the help documents to pause the recording don't work at all for me - can I check, it's meant to be alt/cmd/p (UK mac keyboard)? At the moment to end I need to cmd+tab back to the panopto screen, which then takes a few more seconds to allow me to manually press stop. Pause would be better cause then I can eg switch feeds to a pre-recorded video to continue the presentation with a different input. I could do that with the editing software after but it's simpler to record it all correctly in the first place.


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback! - we are working on updating some of our Capture documentation to make the steps more clear for recording with Powerpoint.

    Capture (the in-browser recorder used in Panopto Pro) unfortunately currently doesn't have a pause function. (The keyboard shortcut you saw is for Panopto for Mac, an installed recording application that is only available when using Panopto Enterprise).

    But if you'd like to see that in the product in the future, please add it as a feature request here:https://community.panopto.com/categories/feature-requests

    Other people can upvote it and we review these requests when deciding what features to add next.

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    So the only way to create a video of composite sources that switches during the video (eg powerpoint plus a pre-recorded video), would be to record it sectionally and then combine? Are there instructions for this please?

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    So there are a couple of ways to do it, both using the editor:

    • Record all sources for the whole length of the video and then edit out the pieces that you don't want.
      • For example:
        • At the beginning, choose to record the screen to capture the pre-recorded video, and choose to Capture PP as an application.
        • Record - begin playing the pre-recorded video and then, when ready, switch over to PP and present (no need to change anything in Capture when you switch.)
        • When the video is complete and processed, go into the editor and use the ability to trim out just one source for the time in video where you were not actively presenting the source. So during the time that you were showing the video, trim out the PP source. And when you are presenting the PP, trim out the screen source. https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Trim-a-Video#hTargetInstance1
        • When you Apply the edits, the video will switch from the video to the PP stream.
    • Record each section separately and then use Add a Clip in the editor to splice them together
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