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Adding clickable hyperlink to video [reposted under Product Questions ]

edited June 2020 in API


Is there anyway for me to add a hyperlink to the video, which only becomes visible to the viewer at a defined time-- preferably end of the video?

I've tried adding it to the TOC - but its accessible right from the start, i do not want that.

Tried adding it as a question, but it does not hyperlink- shows as static text

Tried embedding it as a webpage - google forms, but that does not show when embedded in the LMS.

Guidance appreciated.


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    No, I've tried this already. The only webpage that displayed successfully was the google form- and that too did not show to the viewers once the the video was embedded in the LMS.

    My aim is to cross check that the complete video has been watched by the user before they move on. So i want to add a link to the next activity at the end of the video, clicking which the user can progress seamlessly.

    Thank you for the reference though.

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    That's strange. I know that functionality is on the Panopto roadmap but not what the ETA is.

    BTW, you may not have realized but I think you posted in this in the API category. I think it might get more visibility in Product Questions or General Q&A. Not sure if this conversation can be moved, but you might want to consider re-posting it to one of those areas instead.

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    Yikes! didnt notice that till you mentioned. Can't seem to move this one, I think i'll repost it... unless an admin can move it there.

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