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Set the Default "availability" on newly provisioned folders

edited June 2022 in Feature Requests

We use the workflow that requires the availability set to "never" so the user can then hit the publish button to make the recording available. We would love it if we could choose the default of a newly provisioned folder to "never". At the moment we are having to go into all folder once provisioned and set this manually.

I think others would also benefit from being able to change from the "immediate" default.

It being this time of year where we roll over all our modules I wondered if this had been considered a full 2 years later?

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  • Several universities are setting policies to this respect. My university is also thinking in something like this. This will apply to all LTI provisioned class folders. As indicated this will make the workflow more efficient and less error-prone. I think Panopto should explore this. For example, our remote classes that use Zoom, will record the zoom session, then the Panopto-Zoom integration will put the Zoom session in the respective Panopto class folder. However, the recording should only be available "on request" - not by default.

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