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Is it possible for an opt-in integration with Zoom

I was looking at the Zoom integration option. It looks like it is an all or nothing sort of deal. All Zoom meetings or no Zoom meetings get transferred. Is it possible to do an opt-in approach or allow the admins to assign certain Zoom meeting hosts to do this?

One concern that I had with this is faculty using Zoom meetings for office hours. (Don't want those sent to Panopto). Also for those that have chosen to use Zoom for proctoring, don't want that saved in the cloud for students either.

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    Carlos CoronelCarlos Coronel Whiz Kid
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    There is a setting in the integration that allows admin to set a group of users that are allowed to send zoom recordings to panopto. However, it is a per user setting, not a per meeting setting.

    No all Zoom meetings are sent to Panopto, The host/admin has some control.

    • A faculty can select not to record the meeting - obviously, no recording is uploaded to Panopto
    • A faculty can select to record locally - only cloud recordings are sent to Panopto
    • In the integration: there are several settings that can be used to limit whose meetings to import to panopto
    • -- only allow zoom meetings from LTI Pro or with a valid folder mapping
    • -- Allowed user Group will enable import meetings of only users in a selected group


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