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Switching between two cameras in PiP


I added a window (PowerPoiunt slides) and two cameras. In Picture-in-picture, the main area is the slides and the PiP is the first camera.

I would like to be able to switch the PiP between the two cameras to make it look like there are two cameramen.

In the editor, the first camera is the main screen. I can only switch between the slides and the second camera. Which gives me in the main screen and me in the Pip (from a different angle).

Anyone know how/if you can set the slides as "principal" and then in the editor switch between the two cameras for the PiP?


Have a great day



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    Hi John,

    I've had some experience using the additional primary and secondary streams to do something similar, but not quite as complex as I think you want here.

    I think, and maybe Panopto can confirm, you'll have to upload the second camera as a second primary stream. You may have to download it out first from Panopto if you don't have a local copy and then upload it. Once you have it as a second primary stream, you should be able to use the focus tool to flip between the two primary streams. Keep you Slides as the only secondary source/stream in the editor.

    Once you do a PiP download or embed this time, I think this will do what you want: The slides as the main part of the PiP, and the small PiP window flips between the 2 camera angles.

    Let me know if this works.

    Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your help.

    But I can't get it to work. Somehow it doesn't offer to download the second camera stream separately.

    I can download the slides and the main camera, both not the secondary.

    Thanks anyway

    Have a nice day



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    So the background is just PowerPoint slides correct? OK, I see where I was wrong.

    Try this: Record with a primary camera and the other camera as a secondary stream, and do the download/upload as a second primary thing I mentioned before. Or maybe it's possible to do 2 primary streams using distributed recording, not sure... Maybe a Panopto engineer can help us out here...

    Then once that recording is made, add your slides and time them out via the editor instead of recording them. They'll be a secondary source that way, and you'll have your cameras as primary sources. I think that might work...


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    Hi Kevin,

    I'll try that. I know I can always reedit in something like iMovie, but I was trying to save time.

    It seemed like an obvious feature. It records two video streams, why not make it easy to switch between them...

    Anyways, thanks a million for your help

    Have a nice day


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