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Automated Migration of Panopto Content and links from academic year to year in Blackboard

This is a crossover topic/feature request between Blackboard and Panopto.

At present, annually in July, TCD creates new modules for all existing course in blackboard, we then advise staff to do a module copy from the existing module for example 2019-20 to the new module 2020-21. This module copy copies all content links etc across to the new module 2020-21 including the Panopto Tool link in the left hand menu, any panopto links and any panopto video embeds or insert panopto videos.

So when the staff member goes into the new module and clicks on the panopto link, it creates the new panopto module folder 2020-21 with relevant creator and share permissions which is great.

But the panopto recordings have to copied across from the old to the new module. The panopto links in the new module are pointing to the old panopto module folder 2019-20 and also the panopto embeds are pointing to the old panopto module folder.

Is there a better way that Panopto and blackboard could allow a proper migration from one year to another year's module so that all recordings and links etc point to the correct new module in panopto, rather then the staff having to re-do links and embedded recordings in the new module and students having permission problems for embedded videos pointing to a previous year in where the recordings are 201920 which they are not enrolled in in some cases. The student then has to ask the instructor for permissions to access the embedded recording and the instructor is confused as to why the student doesnt have access to the embedded video.

Any improvement in the workflow for migrating from one year's module to another year's module for panopto content/links/embedded video would be welcome in the development cycle.

Trinity College Dublin - James Harty - Panopto Administrator

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