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Focus Tool

Kevin HartmanKevin Hartman Whiz Kid
edited July 2020 in Use Cases

Hi Folks,

So if we have multiple primary or secondary streams, we get access to the focus tool. What are the benefits of the focus tool as opposed to using just the regular cut tool if I have multiple streams? Why exactly would I want one over the other? Is there a good way to explain it to me so I can explain it to faculty?

Thank You

Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo


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    The cut tool will remove something from the viewers pool of things to view. You can select a section of a secondary source with the cut tool to remove it from the player. The result (if there are no more secondary streams) will be that the primary stream will be shown full screen.

    For the focus tool, you can just pull focus to that stream. For primary sources that will change what the viewer sees (and hears) completely. For secondary streams, the viewer can still toggle between secondary streams if the focus tool is used alone.

    I look at the focus tool as more of a suggestion of what to watch, where the cut tool is actually removing something and forcing the viewer to watch something else.

    Thank you,


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