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Simple but high quality home equipment setup

Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

Hi All,

I wanted to share my preferred equipment when recording from home.

Logitech has a variety of webcams that will record great with Panopto. My personal preference is the C920.

The Blue Yeti has been rated as one of the best USB microphones available. I love this microphone as it has build in gain and pattern control. The quality is also fantastic for a USB mic.

I removed the base from my Yeti and connected it to a microphone arm so I can suspend it over my keyboard and mouse and get it closer to my face. Any microphone arm would work, but I chose the TONOR T20 as it was cheap and directly compatible with the Blue Yeti.


  • Ben LuceroBen Lucero Crackerjack

    Nice setup Jay! Thank you for sharing!

  • Looks great! I am a big fan of the blue yeti microphones. They work very well!

  • This is our recording set, we use two photography lamps and a Brio 4K camera which is very good and a shure brand lapel microphone, I integrate the use of Vmix with Panopto to create a more professional image for students.

  • Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    @JOSE FANEITE That's what I'm talking about! Nice work!

  • Thank you

  • Stacy CohenStacy Cohen Crackerjack

    @JOSE FANEITE, that is an amazing setup! Thanks for sharing. I will look up the lapel mic you mentioned. We use RevoLab xTags, but they are expensive and getting harder to find.

    @Jay Minster: is that a tablet by your keyboard? Have you played at all with tablets for drawing input into the computer while recording? Wondering wondering what opinions you might have there.

    Thanks to both of you!

  • Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    @Stacy Cohen Nah, just two monitors and a mouse pad under the mouse. I don't have much experience with drawing tablets personally, but you want to find something that supports HDMI out. You could run the HDMI feed into a capture card or into something like this:


  • @Jay Minster Using a Let's Go Pens towel under your monitor? Sid and Geno will not be happy about that!

    Grew up in Pittsburgh, no longer live there, and have an original Terrible Towel framed on my wall.

    As for hardware; we have Sling Studio and four HD cameras for our video feeds.

  • Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    @Charles Lewis haha, I have so many terrible towels laying around this one just helps prop up that monitor a smidge.

    The equipment setup looks fantastic! Way to go!

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