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Automating user provisioning through the API’s

Alex NeubertAlex Neubert Panopto Employee

Question on behalf of Keith McArt at HBS:

We will need to create data feeds for user provisioning/deprovisioning, and I don’t think we had much luck figuring out how that is accomplished using the API’s. Is there any documentation or sample code for automating user provisioning through the API’s?

Our solution for delivering the recordings to students relies on the students already having an account before they may have access the platform, so Just-in-time provisioning will not work with our delivery solution.

The goal is to create user accounts for students, faculty and staff BEFORE they have logged into Panopto. This is because our delivery solution requires that our Registrar be able to give a student or faculty access to a recording, and in most cases that will be done before they have logged into the platform. With Just In Time account provisioning (when they log-in), the account will not exist yet for the Registrar to grant the access (and share the link).

So, in order to create the accounts in advance AND to keep them up to date (users may come/go during the school year), we believe we need to integrate with our SIS using informatica feeds.

 Please let me know if you have any follow up questions about our use case.



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