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Exclude Admins from viewing analytics

Richard O'BeirneRichard O'Beirne Crackerjack
edited September 2020 in Feature Requests

It would be very helpful to be able to exclude specified usernames from analytics. Our admins generate a lot of usage while processing videos which aren't of interest in terms of measuring 'real' views. (The workaround is to export and filter out usernames in Excel.)

19 votes

Under consideration · Last Updated


  • God yes. Perhaps doing this by role would be easier/better?

    "Exclude Admins from viewing analytics"

  • Second Charles.

  • Adam BrimerAdam Brimer Crackerjack

    Re-upping this one. Our admins generate a lot of views. Larger events aren't that big of a deal, but for smaller events a few admin views can really skew our data.

  • Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    I agree 100% on this. Editing the CSVs to exclude viewers in order not to skew data is time consuming. I've had to do this many times.

    Perhaps an "exclusion" user group can be created for listing. This list could be edited as needed.

    • admins
    • faculty enrolled in course
    • instructional designers
    • IT support
    • Panopto support
    • Media Services
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