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Using Rest API with Postman

I've got the example code auth-server-side-web-app working after some tweaking but I would like to experiment with the api using the Postman app. The developer who was showing the Rest API was using Postman during the demo so I know it is possible but I can't figure out how to setup the Postman OAuth2 GetToken fields to match up with the API I defined which does work with the example python code. Can someone give more guidance about this?

When I run the code from a terminal using Python as in:

python3.8 sample.py --server myserver --client-id myClientID --client-secret mysecret

I get a list of folder names and urls as expected.


Here is the error I get from Panopto

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    Thanks Kevin, your comment made me look 'closer' at the postman settings and I was using the wrong client ID and secret (from a previous iteration/test). Once I used updated the callback url and then put in the proper client/secret IDs I was able to get a token. On may way.....thanks


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