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Auto caption bulk/folder request

Enable ability to set auto-generated captions at folder level or using bulk command within folder.

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    Yeah. Having to do this one at a time got really tedious.

    You can set caption requests at the folder level.

    Because Panopto associates the captions with the video rather than their location, I eventually figured out that I could:

    1. Create a new folder
    2. Set that folder to auto-request captions
    3. Move the recordings from their current location to that folder
    4. Panopto files the caption request for the videos
    5. Then I can immediately move the recordings back to their original location
    6. When the captions come in they are associated with the video

    I've thought about creating a separate folder for each caption level to which only administrators and videographers would have access.

    I do think bulk request would be very helpful though. What I do is kludgy and I don't love it.

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    I don't see how to do step two - "Set that folder to auto-request captions". When I see our options in our Panopto (cloud), the only option available is the one for out Caption Services Provider (in this case 3Play Media) there is not option for "auto-request captions".

    Where can I choose to use the "auto-request captions"? This feature will be great because creators do not want to manually go to each video and import the captions for each video.

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    Perhaps I was still a little groggy and I should have been more clear.

    If you just want captions for a bunch of videos using an existing provider (like 3 play), the process above. That's what I do when I get a request from a program for videos they pay to caption.

    For automatic import of the ASR captions, you can request Panopto enable automatic import as a caption provider on your system. Then you can enable that option for all users. Then they can set it at the folder level.

    This is what Panopto Support told me when I asked about this back in March:

    There are 2 options for the site wide setting. The first is to enable the caption provider to allow you to choose which folders have automatic captions automatically applied. The second does the same, however also sets any newly created folder to default to import ASRcaptions automatically.

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    Thanks, the old "secret" Admin setting only Panopto can see....

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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, when I look at the folder settings tab I don't even see a Captions option:

    What am I missing here? This is under my admin account.


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    Odd. Are you hosted with Panopto or self hosting? Do you have any captioning providers set up on your system? If not, that tab might not be displayed until you do so.

    I'd contact support and ask them to add the automatic import as a captioning provider on your system.

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    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the response. We're cloud-hosted and just using the Automatic option at the moment, which currently all our academics are having to set using the Captions panel in the web editor. With web accessibility now being a major watchword for us, if it can't be automatically turn on, site-wide, I'm wondering if, at least, there are shortcuts we can use to add en masse.



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    We're also interested in having ASR captions applied automatically. It is too many clicks to do it manually and too easy to forget.

    Is it possible to manipulate captions with the Panopto API? Could we feasibly write a script to review sessions without captions and apply the ASR one if it's available?

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