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"Read Only" Folders

It would be great if we could spin up read only folders that Department Admins could manage.

The setup in my mind would be a folder that a department could make available for people to draw from. The contents of the folder would be static to the creators that have access there, but they could link content from that central location into their folder/course. It could take two forms, one way would be that the people that are creators below the said folder or are named there are given like viewer+copy permission, the other would be that it is just made generally available to all creators.

The first example would be a series of videos that lab courses would use in, let's say, Physics as an intro for each lab section. The instructors could use/embed them in their courses, but they couldn't edit the content.

The second example would be something like a presentation given within a college, and a course in another college wants to use the video. Right now, it takes quite a bit of work in order to get a copy moved over or you have to give the instructor on the receiving end creator rights in the containing folder, generally an admin needs to get involved. Having this common area where instructors could pull materials from would be a helpful addition to the platform.

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