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Send logs feature in Panopto Express


We have a few edge use cases for some folks bringing content into our Enterprise Panopto instance from Panopto Express. My understanding is that Express is not supported via email, chat, or other means because it is completely public; however, I do see the "Send Logs" (beta) feature that is referenced in the Express Help article and that goes to support. Is the expectation that someone who might encounter an issue with Express and performs the "Send Logs" action would get a follow-up email from Panopto Support? We're trying to document what Express is for our University, and so knowing support paths and expectations around that service would be helpful.




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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Hi Jaime,

    "Send logs" in Express is a way to provide notification/information on an issue to our Dev team, and we will use that information to make fixes and improvements to Express. However, Support will not respond.

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