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What API calls are made on a per-cloud recording basis with the integration?


Zoom enforces some API rate quotas on our institution and given that we already have some existing API integrations we would like to know what API calls the Zoom integration makes and with what frequency. I know the integration uses webhooks so it's not constantly polling Zoom, but knowing which and how many webhooks are installed (I only know of cloud recording and transcript), how many calls are made per webhook, and any other periodic API calls would help us better forecast whether we can live within our current API quotas.





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    Hiroshi OhnoHiroshi Ohno Panopto Employee


    Thank you for asking this question.

    Panopto uses Zoom API methods which are allowed by API permissions listed below. Those permissions are granted by Zoom administrative user account when Zoom integration is configured on Panopto site. We do not publish the full list of API calls beyond this grouping because we may adjust API calls as on-going basis to optimize the experience (but within this groups).

    View account info /account:read:admin

    View Dashboard data /dashboard:read:admin

    View all user meetings /meeting:read:admin

    View all user recordings /recording:read:admin

    View and manage all user recordings /recording:write:admin

    View all user information /user:read:admin

    View all user Webinars /webinar:read:admin

    With regards to API quota / throttling, our understanding is that Panopto’s API call rate is much smaller than typical quota. At the same time, I see your concern that it may be still cause a problem if Panopto’s API calls are combined with other traffic.

    Please let us evaluate the affect a little more and get back to this post soon.

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    Hi Hiroshi,

    Just wanted to come back to this thread and report that folks can see the API calls being made by Panopto's app in the Zoom App Marketplace by finding the installed app and clicking the "Call Logs" tab. The list of calls is paginated and it can be cumbersome to repeatedly click "Show More..." but they are there. We do appreciate that all of the calls we're seeing, at least for our roll out, are "Light" or "Medium" calls and with our kind of account we don't have daily limits on those. However, there are many integrations we maintain and while unlikely there is the possibility of meeting or exceeding the per second call limits at certain points in the day. Most of the repeated calls we see are to both the meetings endpoint and the users endpoint - the former during morning runs of the integration to get any missed recordings and the latter to get details about the participants in a Zoom meeting. Of those two, the participant list is probably the more concerning since that can happen throughout the day and we have many large classes using the standard 100 license as well as other classes using additional meeting licenses for anywhere from 500 to 1000 participants. It would be helpful if we had the option to not make those additional user calls, but rather use the full name and email address that comes over in the call to get details of the meeting.



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    Hiroshi OhnoHiroshi Ohno Panopto Employee

    Hi Jaime,

    Thank you very much for the investigation on your side and report back here.

    We learned recently about the problem around the number of calls to extract participant's information, which you exactly pointed out. We are internally discussing how to mitigate it. We'll announce it when that mitigation is going to go to production.

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