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Flag video to watch later or favorite a video

We would like an option to flag a video to watch later, or favorite a video and add to a favorites list to refer to later. I see the option to bookmark inside videos and select Bookmark on the left navigation pane, but it is not the same concept.

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    This would be an awesome feature. Currently when I have several videos to catch up on, I have to go into a playlist that I manually created, and add them to that playlist. It would be great for every user tot have a "Watch Later" playlist, and be able to add it to that playlist directly from the video itself.

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    Tim VincentTim Vincent Crackerjack

    Yes, this would be a very helpful feature that students are asking for.

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    I think is this is an important feature that will help people a lot! Most video platforms have it already and the ability to Bookmark (which adds it to your Bookmarked videos section, is too obscure for people to figure out on their own without instruction. ) Favoriting using a start or Heart or LIKE icon at the top right of the page would be VERY intuitive for users to figure out on their own AND pairing it with a Favorites section on the left sidebar near the "Bookmarks" section would be FABULOUS!

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    Fantastic idea! I use this option all the time with my YouTube Premium account. Makes it easy to go back to a video I marked earlier in the day, week, or month.

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    Love this idea! We are already used to doing this on all our other video platforms. Having to bookmark a spot within a video is confusing to users and most of them don't know how to do it without instruction. Favoriting the video itself (either while it's open or from the menu/folder) would be a much-used feature!

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