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[HELP] Panopto_upload user profile on mac

edited August 2020 in General Q&A


Pardon for this post. I do not know if this is an appropriate post to be posted here, but I am left with no options.

I am using a macbook. I was required to use panopto to view a recorded lesson for my school. I can watch it online on a webpage. However, due to a lag, i thought that i had to download the panopto app to view it better. Hence, I downloaded the panopto package and tried to install it. However, upon seeing the permissions it needed, I declined and closed the installer without installing the application.

Just now, i was looking at the users section at the top of the screen (beside the notifications and spotlight) and i saw an additional profile "panopto_upload". I have clearly not installed the application but that profile appeared out of nowhere. A simple finder search on the term "panopto" revealed no other search results. A simple look at the applications folder revealed no panopto application as well.

Thus, I am wondering how did that profile make it to my computer and how can i remove it. Thank you.

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