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Better searching options and display more information about Zoom cloud recordings

It's already getting hard to find some imported Zoom meetings on my system and the semester has not even begun.

You can't use the Meeting ID from Zoom in Panopto's search to find the corresponding imported recording in Panopto.

There's also no way to search for just the title of a Panopto session. You're only able to search for a folder name or in everything.

There's not even a way to view the Meeting ID for Zoom cloud recording except in the Preview Image List View.

Even in that view, you can't select the text. You have to go into the settings for the Session to do so.

There's plenty of space within the Detailed List View where a Zoom Meeting ID field could be added. You could allow people to hide the field and/or leave it blank if the session is not from Zoom.

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