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Authenticate to SOAP api basics

edited August 2020 in API

I need some help connecting to the SOAP api. A quick start tutorial would be much appreciated.

On the documentation for authenticating to the SOAP api the "AuthCode" is defined as:

Gets or sets the authentication code Constructed as SHA1(UserKey + "@" + WebServerFQDN.ToLower() + "|" + applicationKey.ToLower()) Required for external users that are authenticated with a bounace page. Not needed for internal users and external users which don't have a bounce page (ex: WebCT)

What is the application key?

If we go to the python soap example we find this:

Admin auth info for making SOAP calls
#username of admin user in Panopto.
userkey = "admin"
#password of admin user on Panopto server. Only required if external provider does not have a bounce page.
password = "password"
 #Instance name of external provider on Panotpo
providername = "MyProvider"
#Application key from provider on Panotpo
applicationkey = "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"
#Name of the panopto server to add the user to.
servername = "demo.panopto.com"

The application key is from the provider of the authentication service I assume? In our case it's Okta. What am I looking for when I go to Okta? Is it a SAML key? The way the python script is Xd out it looks like it might be a UUID?

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    Just to make sure I understand this: are you saying that if you authenticate in panopto using another service (e.g. Canvas), then there's no way to use the SOAP API unless you have admin access?

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