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So i'm stuck when trying to get an oAuth2 through postman...

so I get the below error....when filling out the information.. "Error processing request

The client application is not known or is not authorized.


After filling out correct informatiion....


Bob Test Api

Grant Type Authorization Code

Callback URL https://www.postman.com/oauth2/callback

Auth URL https://bc.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/oauth2/connect/authorize

Access Token URL https://bc.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/oauth2/connect/token


Client Secret XXXXXXX

Scope api offline_access

State Empty

Client Authentication Send as Basic Auth header




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    Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee

    Hi Robert,

    There could be a few reasons why you would get that response, but one of the more common ones is due to an invalid Callback URL. Can you check and make sure that your callback URL (https://www.postman.com/oauth2/callback) was added as an allowed redirect URL to the Panopto API Client?

    You can check this by going to view your API Clients, and clicking on the client name you are using to test. If the URL is not listed there, can you try adding it with a URL Type of Redirect URL and see if that fixes the issue?

    Please let me know if this doesn't work, or if you have any other questions.



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