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Panopto Capture users unable to record Audio + Screen with Google Chrome

Justin LubbertJustin Lubbert Administrator
edited August 2020 in Bug Reports

There is an issue that prevents users from recording Audio and Screen only videos using Panopto Capture in the Google Chrome browser.

What is the impact of this issue?

Panopto Capture sessions recorded with Google Chrome that only consist of Audio and Screen streams will fail to upload the screen stream. These sessions will fail to process and the screen streams will not be recoverable.

How do I work around this issue?

Option 1) Record with a different browser if possible.

Option 2) Panopto Enterprise users can record using Panopto for Windows, Panopto for Mac, and Panopto Mobile to create ad-hoc recordings.

Option 3) Add a camera stream before recording.

Option 4) Enable Combine all video streams into one and select Show as side by side

When will this issue be resolved?

We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and will comment on this post when more information is available.

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