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Panopto Capture needs a "Pause" button

Alex ShchukinAlex Shchukin Whiz Kid
edited September 2023 in Feature Requests

We need "Pause" button during recording recording a video feed with Panopto Capture for Chrome Browser.

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    edited November 2022

    If you notice a mistake in a slide, it may take time to correct this.

    If you don't stop the recording to do this, you must spend time editing the video. The servers also bare the extra burden of hosting long stretches of useless video (a waste of fossil fuels and added maintenance/space costs). If you do stop the video, you must spend time merging parts.

    Pausing functionality is there in much simpler recording software, so I'm puzzled why this would not be implemented in Panopto Capture, an otherwise convenient tool.

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    How do I up-vote this on behalf of all of my faculty who are not going to come here to make an account to vote?

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    And a hot-key - perhaps using the same one YouTube uses or Zoom.

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    Panopto Capture should have a pause button. This will allow users to manage content and screens in a more comfortable manner than switching windows on the fly.

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    A pause option would be a terrific addition! Let's get it done!

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    @Laura Tateosian it's also worth mentioning that because all edits are non-destructive, we also are paying for the portions of the content which have been removed. If an instructor recorded 30 minutes but had to edit out 10 minutes while they fixed something, we're still paying for the full 30 minutes.

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    @Chaz Barbour Yes, I don't know any details about the billing, since the university pays for it, but, yes, presumably, they have to pay more to store more. I hope this doesn't disincentivize Panopto for implementing the pause.

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    Agree with this. The Panopto application has a pause button, why not Panopto Web Capture?

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