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Ability to Give Participation Points Based on Viewing Statistics that Integrates to D2L Gradebook

We would love for there to be the ability to be able to give students participation points that are sent to the D2L gradebook based on the fact that they viewed the video or a certain percentage of the video that is inserted into D2L content. Allow the user to decide how many participation points they would like to give and then based on whether the student meets the viewing percentage threshold they would be given the points that would be uploaded to the D2L gradebook.

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Hello everyone! Katie is correct :) Our latest LTI 1.3 updates now include the ability to pass the video completion percentage as a grade item. For D2L specifically, please see our documentation here: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/How-to-Use-a-Panopto-Video-as-a-Graded-Activity-in-D2L-Brightspace If you are looking to take this a step further and tell the gradebook what is/isn't a "passing grade," I recommend reaching out to your LMS as this will need to be an update within the gradebook. I can't speak to all of the LMSs, but for example, I know that Moodle supports this: in case if helps you fight for this feature! https://docs.moodle.org/402/en/Activity_completion_settings


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    We do something similar - but using a quiz in the video. Just one question - it does not have to be right or wrong answer. For example:

    Please click below to acknowledge you viewed this quiz - and have only one option.

    Then add that video to D2L, using the link, open on separate window (Web viewer) . When the student answer the quiz, it gets 100 points, But in the D2L grade book, you can say max points 5 and it will prorate the points.

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    Correct but there are faculty that don't want to have to go through the process of entering quizzes in their videos unfortunately. Believe me I try to tell them to just use the Panopto quiz and D2L gradebook integration but they want want they want so I'm putting in their feature request.

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    There ought to be a special type of quiz that just measures the complete percentage and transfers it. It is ridiculous that this is not a feature as it is easy to code and has definite uses for informational videos.

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    I agree this is needed. With the increase in online classes across the board in all disciplines, it should be a way to activate this automatically. After all, some teachers teaching traditional face-to-face classes do give "attendance" or "participation" points to students just to show up to class! The "Top Viewer" report in Panopto Stats, shows the percentage of the video that each user completed. I will add a configurable parameter to this feature so if a student watches at least 75% it gets the points. The only problem I see is that it will require a grade column for each video! I have 194 videos in a class! That will be a nightmare of a grade book. Most of my videos are < =12 minutes long. So, it may not be as easy as it looks. I know a faculty can randomly select a video as a control video to assign points; hide the grade column in the LMS, and create a computed "participation" column based on the randomly selected videos to show students. That is some extra work, not sure every faculty will like to do that. Any other ideas?

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    It looks like the new LTI 1.3 and more recent update allows for grading based on viewing %. However, as Carlos indicates, it would be great if you can set thresholds for what constitutes full points. For example, a student missing a few seconds of a shorter video could end up with a 99% in their gradebook instead of 100%.

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    I think what Carlos and others are looking for in regards to ""passing grade" is more that if a student watches 90% or more of a video it is enough to consider the student as participated and therefore load a 100% in the gradebook instead of the 90% that would be loaded currently.

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