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Title Card Options

Related to https://community.panopto.com/discussion/608/add-text-graphics-over-recorded-videos#latest - it would be useful to be able to add a Title Card and End Card to recorded video from within the editor. We have a generic animated intro we use for most videos, which is usually followed by a single title-card slide, constructed in Premier. Although we can put this together in Panopto by adding the generic video sequence in at the start, a title card slide can't be made to display before the video, only as a separate media source to be optionally viewed. Having a facility to upload a slide to display for X seconds before the start of a video feed would be very useful to us.

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    One thing that has worked for some of our faculty has been to record a quick session (however long you need it to be) then include it as a clip at 0:00. It has worked for what they need, but it is not ideal.

    It would be great if you could add text to a stock graphic within Panopto and have that display for the first 10 seconds or something. I am not sure how many of our faculty would use it, but I would like to have it for my content.

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    Thanks Michael,

    We do have a general video segment (a short brand animation) which we have included at the start in the past and helps to elevate the aesthetics, but it's really the ability to add a title screen that we need, and it's then easier for us to just add the animation into Premier while we're doing that. As you say, being able to add text over an image that plays at the start would be more ideal.

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